installation query

its like this I have a notebook preloaded with win7, in which I shrank the disc to get 150 gb unallocated space,from it I crated 2 60gb each drives and left the remaining 30gb, which is now called free space…

now the question is this free space same as unallocated or RAW space where I can install linux to dual boot with win7?

Please enlighten me.

basically, in a word, Yes
Only you don’t say if it’s free space in an extended partition or whether the 2 x 60GB partitions are primary or logical. It could matter, depending just how many primary partitions you now have

now I have C drive 150 gb as Primary, and 2 primary partitions of 200mb which came default with system, 2 x 60 gb partitions are logical.

so whats my status?

It sounds like the free space is in the same extended partition as the 2 x 60GB partitions

Boot a live cd
Open a terminal
switch to su and do

fdisk -l

post result

at present I have only sabayon5 dvd which failed to boot on this notebook, however once the download of opensuse 11.2 is complete , I will boot and see, what it shows. I did not use any linux for year or so, I assume that installation method in GUI is same as 11.0.

I did a slide show here:
11.2 Install Slideshow with Tips - openSUSE Forums