Installation problems for openSUSE 11

Hi everyone,

first of all I would like to apologise if the problem I am about to post has already been posted by someone else and has been resolved. I have searched the forums and couln’t find any resolution for the problem I am experiencing and hence this post.

I have never used SUSE before and thought I would give it a try. I downloaded openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso, formatted my hard hardrive and set about doing a fresh install on my laptop (Intel Celeron).

The istallation wizard takes me through the language selection screen and I agree with the ‘term & conditions’ and click next. I am now on the ‘System Probing’ screen. All the components are checked successfully and the wizard comes to ‘initialise package manager’. After about completing 10%, I get a screen which says,


Unable to create repository from URL ‘cd:///?devices=/dev/sr0’

Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)


  • can’t copy /var/adm/mount/AP_0x00000001/suse/setup/descr/EXTRA_PROV to /var/cache/zypp/raw/openSUSE-DVD 11.0vVML4x
  • can’t provide /suse/setup/descr/EXTRA_PROV: Can’t copy /var/adm/mount/AP_0x00000001/suse/setup/descr/EXTRA_PROV to /var/cache/zypp/raw/openSUSE-DVD 11.0vVML4x

Try again?

I have verified the ISO and the checksum compared with the one provided on your website.

Can someone please help.


What is your hardware, including ram, and which iso did you use, the combined install/livecd? There may be an issue with insufficient space to unpack the archives. OpenSuSE 11.0 livecd version requires significant ram, as in more than 512MB.

I would suggest downloading the network install iso and trying that,Released Version - openSUSE . That should work if you have a speedy network, but will take longer.

Hi everyone,

I have been able to resolve this by burning the ISO image onto a DVD-R disk, as opposed to DVD+R before.

I am not sure why this would be an issue at all. But I am very happy that I can now go ahead and install suse.