installation problem

I’m trying to move from ubuntu 8.04 to openSuSE 11.0 GNOME live! CD. i have set sdb4 up with the data from the CD and added a load in my GRUB with the following conditions:

title opensuse
root (hd1,3)
kernel /boot/i386/loader/linux
initrd /boot/i386/loader/initrd

and while it boots into the installer it says it can’t find the CD. (rebootExeption:) and reboots. Is there any way to prevent this?

Sorry, I’m not clear on what you are trying to do. You copied the CD contents to a partition and now you want to boot that partition and then install on top of itself? What aren’t you just booting the CD and installing clean to that partition? What am I missing?

my CD drive is broken, so i have extracted the GNOME Live! CD to a separate partition and am trying to install from that partition to a different partition

I have managed to reach manual installation stage now, but when i chose install from hard drive it asks from where. When i put in the partition where it is located it tells me it could not find repository’s. i have only used this method to install ubuntu (8.04 LTS) previously, and it is either easier on that or uses a completely different system. SuSE 9 (KDE) was my first Linux disro, but I have never tried to install anything except Ubuntu (8.04 LTS) in this method.

OK. These links should be of help. Take a look at it all and decide what’s best for you. You are more limited with the CD than the DVD, but the CD can be made to work with a couple of these methods. Personally, I would start with UNetbootin because that project has essentially done all the pre-work for you.

UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads (network install w/o CD, openSUSE 11.0 supported)

Install on PC that can’t boot from CD - openSUSE (similar to what you’re trying to do)

Installation without CD - openSUSE (several methods, a bit complex)

SDB:Howto add Directories into YaST as an Installation Source - openSUSE (another approach, requires DVD)