installation problem

hi…when i try to install opensuse 11.2 i do all the necessary steps but the installation won’t start…i installed and used opensuse before im not clueless…before i reformatted my drive i was using windows 7,ubuntu and opensuse together.harddrive (160 gb) is sufficient and the installation was going smooth…i added kde and xfce from the software selection and enabled mbr and boot from /partition…Actually i tried all the alternatives (disabled mbr and /boot,enabled mbr and disabled /partition) but nothing changes…when the installation starts it says '‘preparing the disks’'but after waiting for 5 minutes and seeing nothing is changed i reboot and take the disk out of disk tray…where am i doing wrong and what i did wrong this time instead of last time that prevented the installation …i thought my cd went corrupted so i downloaded and burned a new dvd from iso image…but nothing changed…is there anyone there who can help me?thanks in advance…

  1. did you check the md5sum of the downloaded iso?
  2. burn the disk as slow as you can?
  3. use good media?
  4. do this before install attempt?

if you answered “no” (or “don’t know”) to any of those then see the
following cites, and if we can help further, please ask because we
want you to be successful: