Installation problem


I am new to openSUSE, I just thought of trying it out the KDE version. I have 4 partitions in the computer.

  1. NTFS 100 GB
  2. NTFS 30 GB
  3. NTFS 5 GB
  4. Ext3 10 GB

I want to install openSUSE on the 10GB partition. After I click the 'Install" on the desktop folder, a window opens up. In the 5th step of the installation, when I click the install button, it tells "all the existing partitions will be formated or deleted. How do i make it format only the ext3 partition??

Choose to edit the partitions; delete all lines and then add your partition #4 to mount the / (root) directory. You will have a system with no swap and very limited disk space so be careful what software packages you select.

If these are four ordinary partitions, openSUSE will expect to create an extended partition first in order then to create /, /swap and /home as logical partitions.

In theory you could install everything on a single partition if you have enough RAM not to benefit from swap but the downside is that you do not then have a separate /home partition.

Whatever the case you will need to use the expert partition option; if you decide to have more than one partition, I would suggest 4Gb for /, 512Mb for swap and the rest for /home.

Also, make sure you mount all the other partitions at the same time, labelling them something like /windows/C, /windows/D etc as openSUSE will not do this automatically if you use expert mode.