Installation Problem

When I try to install Opensuse 11.1 I get to 90% of system analysis and then it says

Unable to create repository from URL

Details:Valid metadat not found at specified URL(s)
-cant copy/var/adm/mount/AP_0x00000001/media.1/media to/var/cache/zypp/raw/repository 638IQP
-cant provide/media.1/media:cant copy/var/adm/mount/AP_0x00000001/media.1/media to/var/cache/zypp/raw/repository 638IQP

Any ideas on what I should do (I am quite new to this sort of stuff)

Did you run the media check from the dvd menu before trying the install?
Try it, it takes a while so get a brew.

ok i will try that

I just did the media check and it said

Error reading section 1539776
This CD-ROM is broken

Does that mean I have to make another dvd

But for heavens sake don’t download it again if you still have the image.
Read here:
NEWBIES - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

It may be when you do a check sum of .iso you have it will be ok, it’s just the burn that’s bad. Burn SLOW.

If the .iso is corrupt:
If you downloaded the .iso in bittorrent just force a re-check. Otherwise you can load the .iso into a torrent client - it’s a little complicated, do you know how?

> This CD-ROM is broken
> Does that mean I have to make another dvd

what else could it mean?
see all of the thread at