Installation problem through Network

I have suse 10.1or2 dvd :slight_smile: , suse 11.3 iso,
I want to know is it possible to boot from old dvd and install suse 11.3 from hard disk or network,

( i already wasted 2 dvds due to improper drive) and only want to install through Network or Harddisk, I extracted suse11.3 to harddisk and on ftp in lab, :frowning: but it didn’t worked for me…

thx in advance

What openSUSE system are you working from now?

xp but want to change it…

Can’tyou boot 11.3 dvd successfully ?

What can you tell us about your computer (graphics etc)

i dont have dvd now,
only iso on hard disk,
is that possible to boot from old one and install new one???

is that possible to boot from old one and install new one???
Do you have a problem getting hold of a DVD to burn?

tht drive is not working well, burning fails in between. i tried choosing ftp and harddisk… but cant locate ftp server (on xp) and setup files on its own harddisk (1gb, 500gb , inbuilt graphics)

Have you tried a network CD

What file system is you HD? ntfs or vFAT

i will try network cd iso through usb/cd

can i access local ftp (xp) as installation source?

The network CD will do the work via Online, so long as you have your machine hard wired to the internet

Not sure about ftp:// to XP’s .iso as source. Never done it.

i think cd will work

tnks for quick help
i’ll tell u tomorrow…

Hey network usb works through my ftp.
but i am having booting problem

“Bootloader is installed on a partition that does not lie entirely below 128 GB. The system might not boot”

i have 500 gb sata, and i am using last 160 gb for suse…
i want dual boot xp and suse… any help ???

Don’t worry about it. It should work.
Is it saying that it will be booting from the extended Partition?

finally all working good… :slight_smile:
i changed boot loader settings i.e

  1. boot from root partiion
  2. boot options >> mark as active partition…

very nice & powerfull user interface…
i am now trying to work with rpm, tar.gz

how to enable flash firefox plug-in, i have that tar.gz???

flash is installed when you run Updates, no manual installation needed

i am having problem with boot loader…
i installed on another pc, on existing xp partition,
i want to make dual boot
but cannot boot…
blank screen appears…
what “boot loader locations” & **“boot options”
** should i have to select during installation. ( default doesn’t works for me… )

We need to know what partitions you have:
Download and burn this to a cd

Boot it and open the terminal and get us

fdisk -l


currently can not use pmagic,

i have 150 gb hd, 50,50,40, 10 gb (windows)
suse is on 10 gb…

:slight_smile: started pmagic…next???