Installation Problem - Probe Hard disk Fails - Error Code 32

I am trying to install Leap 15 to my HP Pavilion g6 - 2320tx which runs on win10 currently.
While I’m trying to install, installation error occurs while Probing hard disks.
some window pops up saying like command ‘/bin/mount -read-only ‘/dev/sda2’ ‘/tmp/libstorage-h0V1M4/tmp-mount-XTMYyA’ -o subvol=/’ failed:
mount:/tmp/libstorage-h0V1M4/tmp-mount-XTMYyA: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda2.
with EXIT CODE 32.

I’ve downoaded the installation image from opensuse software page only and earlier I’ve used the same image to install LEAP 15 in my laptop.
It worked then and now it’s giving the above mentioned error.
(I’ve switched back to windows 10 because I thought I’m missing it, Regretting it now as I’ve to use OPENSUSE for the work I do now.)
I’ve used rufus and powerISO also, gave the same error.
I’ve tried to continue despite the error which led me to a redscreen saying something like "error, coudn’t install or something and I’m showed uptions like exit and reboot, exit(Shutdown)…

I’m new to opensuse so I will be glad if anyone can help.

I’ve attached the error screen pictures below:

Sorry for my bad English…

as your “details” screenshot describes, your install ran into a situation where it can’t find a place to install generally, and there can be many reasons for the problem but…

The most likely problem is that you haven’t prepared your hard drive for the new installation.
You need to create a large amount of contiguous free, unpartitioned space on your disk before starting your installation.

So for example,
an existing Windows from the factory likely filled your entire disk.

You have two options…

  1. You can install a virtualization technology like Virtualbox on your MSWindows and install any OS in a Guest which would run at the same time as your MSWindows.

  2. You can use a tool like gparted live to perform the operations necessary to prepare your hard drive for a multi-boot where you can select the OS you want to run on bootup. When you use a tool like gpartlive, you should always make sure you’ve created a backup in case anything goes wrong (although I’ve never had a problem in dozens of use over the years), and after shrinking your MSWindows partition, you’ll need to let Windows “repair” the file system automatically the next time you boot to Windows.

If any of this is unclear, ask questions since shrinking a partition is something with potentially disastrous consequences although using something like gparted live should do the job very easily for you (You’ll probably find YouTube videos of people using gparted live shrinking partitions) post any questions you might have.

You can find gparted live at


Be sure that you have fast boot turned off in Windows. It leaves things unclosed and thus you can not resize the partitions when the FS is in that state.

Turning it off may allow the installer to do the resizing. It is best though to use Windows to resize the partitions to leave free space for the installation. If you use BTRFS allow 40 gig for the system. If you use ext4 then you can get by with 20 gig. You also need a swap partition. If you are going to hibernate you need at least the size of you memory. That leaves home where you store you personal files how much you need is up to you. Note never use a Windows partition as home. Windows FS are not fully compatible.