Installation problem-"Automatic Configuration" blank screen-Please Help

Hello to every fan of opensuse. I am a new member in suse-society. Here is my situation. After “Perform Installation” the program informed me with a countdown that it will run for the first time in acouple of seconds. My pc restarted. However as the installation-dvd was still in the dvd-drive the early opensuse-installation screen appeared asking for: 1.boot from hard disk 2.installation 3.rescue system etc. I got panicked and shut-down my pc manually. I opened it again and a black screen with some script appeared and then i got a white-blank screen with a movable mouse-arrow. I tried to re-install it with manual restarts and the installation-dvd in the drive but nothing. I tried to reboot in order to go into the alternative os but the initial screen with the OS selection never appears. Suse sometimes loads on its own and then i end up with a white blank screen or right from the beginning suse doesn’t begin and i get with a marvellous black screen. Please Help!!!


When you rebooted, you never had this?

1.boot from hard disk 2.installation 3.rescue system etc.

If so, have you selected the first one?

If you are unsure, do a reinstall. For this, once you have booted on the dvd chose the option to install and let the installer do the rest. And don’ panick, just read the screens in front of you. :wink:

Ok i completed a full installation again but when the “Automatic Configuration” is about to begin i end up with a white screen and a movable mouse arrow. ???In the “Insatallation Overview” Window in Booting suse warned me that boot loader is installed in a partition that is not fully under 128 gb. (i don;t make any sense) and i might have boot problem. I have it in /root. What do u propose? Do u have any clue for my white screen issue?

What graphics card/chip do you have? Try typing nomodeset at the boot screen then select. Or try booting to safe mode.