Installation openSUSE 11 from Live KDE4 CD


This is my first time to use openSUSE, when I have read about this Linux distro. I tried to use it.
I downloaded iso CD, burned it on CD and started it. So Live CD is ok everything works fine. Network cart is detected and all is ok.
I decided to install this distro on my HD.
Under installation and after I use failsafe option to start system I am not sure why but normal start don’t work for me at this time.
So after installation system start in text mode, I need to login in and after this I use startx command and X start. But I would like to have X and KDE started before login, like in LiveCD session.

Second problem is in LiveCD Session I can use Leave option there is available Restart, ShutDown, Logout etc. After installation anyone option I choose I only get screen to logout. I can’t shutdown, restart my system.

To shutdown your pc login in as root when presented with the login prompt.
Then run the following to reboot:

shutdown -r now

or run the following to simply shutdown your PC:

shutdown -h now

hello FionnMc

Thank you for your information, but as I can see there is some icons to shutdown, restart or login but if I click one of them only one thing I can do is logout.
So I don’t want to login as a root to stop my comp.

What point does regular start get you to. Does it tell you what failed. or dump you to a command prompt


hello I don’t get any information about any problem, I only have icon to logout if I wanted to shutdown my comp.

The solution I have got after some change in my grub:
I use failsafe option to start openSuse and I delete all parameters and I only leave one option ‘noapic’ all of them I delete. So now everything is ok now

Thank you all for you advices