Installation openSuse 11.4

I’m trying to install opensuse 11.4 but I got this error:

“The bootloader is installed on a partition that does not lie entierly below 128 gb. The system might not boot if BIOS support only lba24(result is error 18 during install grub MBR)”

What should I do before click next step to install? :frowning:

Yesterday, I installed opensuse with this error and some times opensuse can boot and some not. At least I was able to boot safemode.

I obtained that also, ignored it, and my install still worked. I did have EVERYTHING backed up so I was not overly concerned.

If you wish to get more confidence, you could pull out your digital camera and take pix of all the boot loader settings proposed by the openSUSE installer and post all those pix here (using a hosting site such as ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing) and hopefully one of our more knowledgeable members can provide some advice.

Also with those pix provide detailed information on your planned partitioning.

Either your BIOS supports booting from a that partition or not. It will not support it today and not tomorrow. Thus when your installation is bootable (especialy you do not get that error 18 from GRUB) this is OK.

You saying that it sometimes boot and sometimes not is imho something different.
As you do not give one bit of information about what happens when it does not boot (you get the boot menu or not, what is on the screen, does it hang, does it go into a reboot cycle, possibiilities are almost endless, thus you need to be more precise and exact).

This notification error warning of a possible problem mainly applies to “older” BIOS. How old? That’s hard to say because although over the past couple years a new 64-bit BIOS has been gradually provided with new motherboards and some earlier BIOS might include custom extensions, it’s anyone’s guess who is affected and who is not without some deep technical investigation.

Bottom line…
If you want to be absolutely safe, make sure the initial System Partition which contains the bootloader is within that 128GB limit, likely either the first or second partition on the disk. Everything else can be located beyond that 128GB limit.

Or, you can take your chances and things may or may not work.


Well, I have the same problem again after the installation. How much i need to wait? :frowning:
I bought my laptop 1 month ago.
Amilo Pi 3525
250 HDD
Cure 2Duo
I think it’s fine configuration for openSuse.](](

If you wish someone to look at the boot loader setup, then you need to click on “Booting” in the image you provided and provide the detailed settigs from there. The image you provided is only a summary without much in the way of details.

What it does say is the openSUSE installer plans to boot from grub in what appears to be an extended partition (/dev/sda4) where I assume /dev/sda4 has been made the active partition now (if you were to proceed). openSUSE " / " (with all the libraries and executables) is to be in /dev/sda6. But I think the additional images from clicking on ‘Booting’ (and its various submenu’s) are needed for the best assessment.