Installation onto external HDD and a MBP

Hey, I’m not to the forums and relatively new to openSUSE. I have used a few linux distros before (Fedora, Ubuntu, and Mint) and openSUSE is by far my favorite. I am skilled with OS X and XP alike and want to become as knowledgeable with Linux. Two months ago I bought a new Intel-Macbook Pro and have XP pro installed alongside OSX 10.5. Leopard is for my media and schoolwork and the XP partition is primarily for gaming. I installed SUSE 11.0 on my old laptop and loved it but I am leaving that laptop at home while I am at school since my family crashed their desktop.

I wanted to know if there was an easy way to install SUSE 11 and GRUB on my external HDD so I keep my internal HDD open for my media.

Thank you for any advice.

I doubt it makes much sense to install Grub on your external drive, you want whatever bootloader you use to be loaded on a permanent drive in your machine.

After that, you can point your SuSE install to any drive or partition in your machine (yes, you’ll have that option during install)