Installation of SUSE11 is very teasing !!!!

Unfortunately I am not very satisfied with this new SUSE release !!!
The KDE4 has a lot of mistakes, if you have installed it it is not possible to Login as root anymore on the commando prompt when Kde4 FAILED !!
Also in time is not possible for me to install KDE3 with stabil SUSE11 again !!
When Linux boots, the KDE appends and is promptes to Login, but the User root is not accepted like any other User-ID in the system !!!
Sorry, but I work about ten years with linux as a developer but now it becomes the same rubbish like windows !!!

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If you don’t want it to look like Windows, forget KDE or Gnome. Install another window manager, such as fvwm2.

Well i think u are a bit unfair here. It will be a long and endless discution, wether kde 4 should be relesed that early or not.
The fact is that u cant judge linux from a DE that is still in early developing stages.I remeber on opensuse installation that it is clearly stated that kde4 is a bit unstable if u choose to install it, which is the truth.
U can just switch to our old favorite kde3.
If u want stability and features to work with kde4 i suggest u should wait till 4.2x is released or even 4.3.
Kde4 is a very promising DE and when it is completed it will be the most neat DE for linux.
Till then kde3 is your friend

I’ve installed the KDE 4.0 Live CD onto my computer using the install wizard. It went smoothly, but as soon as the install completed with the necessary updates, I’ve installed the KDE3 bits 'n bytes, because I want stability with KDE3 and I want to test with KDE4. I’m very pleased with OpenSuSE 11.

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KDE4 being problematic. No surprises here.

sorry to hear that you had such a bad time with the 11 release. the new kde did have some bugs. It happens.:wink: