Installation of Suse on MS Virtual PC 2008

Hello folks,
I am having trouble installing OpenSuse and Ubuntu on an MS VPC. Windows XP installed successfully on the VPC but both Linux installations failed at the same point - immediately after the installation selection screens. Ubuntu locks up and OpenSuse displays a black screen and locks up. I read somewhere (don’t remember where) that I may need to try VMware, but the cost is prohibitive (in IMHO).

Therefore, I turn to the freeware community for help. Has anybody encountered this problem or can anybody suggest a (freeware) solution, please?

Use Virtual Box:
It rocks!

i just can’t figure out why would anyone would take a perfectly good
computer and install Windows on it and THEN wanna load Linux
inside…it’s kinda like buying last century’s bloated dump truck to
carry your space ship…


Thank you very much for a near perfect reply - short, precise, and to the point!!:shake:

this reply is the sort of garbage that clutters up the internet - commonly known as spam - completely useless, ill-considered, mouth-opened-before-brain-is-engaged, CRAP!!

I have a perfectly sound reason for my “buying last century’s bloated dump truck to carry my space ship…” - WHY I choose to do so would have been the intelligent point to make.

I introduced a friend to Virtual Box last year, he was running it in XP and openSUSE in a VM.
A year later and he’s totally openSUSE.

You should get along well with Virtual Box and the manual can be helpful too. I always recommend creating a fixed drive rather than dynamic. So whatever you can afford.

It’s also a great way to learn about installation of Linux and windows too if you like. And because it’s all in a VM, if it all goes pear shaped it doesn’t matter.

I have run many a test case in Virtual Box dual booting windows and Linux. In fact this guide I did was all done in Virtual Box:
All About Grub - openSUSE

VMware have a free version: VMware Server. Don’t be put off by the word “Server”. You can use VMware Server just like VMware Workstation – to run guest operating systems inside Linux or Windows hosts.

Thanks again for your interest and encouragement. I already feel like your friend who is now a Linux fan. In the early 80s I worked exclusively with UNIX-based machines (DEC VMS, ICL VME, SUN SPARK and APOLLO workstations). Unfortunately, about this time Windoze crushed the opposition (Unix) and, like many others, I became submerged by the mass of Windoze uptake. A few years ago I tried Suse Linux, but appropriate support was not available (such as this excellent forum). Now I am retired, I have the time to re-acquaint myself with Unix and boot Windoze off my PC for good and all.

I also like the idea that a VM can be thrown away if something goes wrong! I use Sandboxie for that very reason when surfing unknown web sites.

I’ve had a quick look at your All About Grub - openSUSE guide and, no surprise! - I am impressed. If you don’t mind, I’ll give you my view, as a technical author of some 25 yrs. experience, of the clarity of your text!!:)- developers are usually not the best of teachers!!!:):):slight_smile: even though they are (nearly) always more than ready to help we lesser mortals.

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> this reply is the sort of garbage that clutters up the internet -
> commonly

Guys, keep it civil please. Thank you.


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Thank you for a really useul tip! I was put off by the server tag!

My apologies.:o In my professional career I became used to constructive criticism and so suffer fools badly - especially in view of the excellent replies I received from your fellow moderators!!