Installation of Suse Enterprise 10 on Compaq ML150

We finally are upgrading our old NW6.0 box with a compaq ml150 (quad core etc etc) Installed Suse Linux Enterprise 10 and it did a base install (only requiring first two disks). After walking away after inserting second disk it had already rebooted by itself and presented me with the login screen, and I did not know if there was a default password for the root account as I tried to type in root and enter the password I wanted but it did not work. I had to use the install disk and reset the password. The only other thing since I am fairly new to Linux is installing the drivers for the compaq unit, nic and scsi raid. etc. I copied the linux drivers from the disk and install the .rpm and it says installed but it does not show the nic driver in the list of drivers for the nic cards, is their some sort of build that needs to take place for the driver for it to install?


These are the forums for openSUSE, you will probably get a quicker
response from the SLES forums at

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