Installation of OpeSuse 13.1 parallel to Win XP not sucessful - "Failed to access msr (msr 300)"

I just want to install OpenSuse in additon to my Win XP PC. I tried to install Suse via CD+network but after installation has finished and passing the GRUB menu and booting Suse I could not start the GUI or console on OpenSuse, instead there was a bluescreen.…1z?n=240049977

In the booting process I saw the message

“Failed to access msr (msr 300).
perfctr msr (MSR 300 is ff34ca026d).”

System - Records:
record 1:
partition C, NTFS - Win XP Home Edition
partition D, NTFS - Win XP Professional
partition E, Recover
record 2:
partition G, NTFS - windows-data (originally there has been a WinNT system)
partition H, Swap - 2 GB
partition I, Root - 20 GB (ext4)
partition J, Home - 40 GB (ext4)

What is the problem? I guess it might be a problem with partitioning and the windows systems. I just put the record 2 in my PC to install Suse, before that it has been in an different system.

Thanks in advance.

See also in German

Most probable a video problem what video card? Also try booting to rescue mode. At boot select advanced and rescue