installation of opensuse 12.3 on preinstalled windows 8 notebook

Hi everyone.
I have a MSI (GT70 i7 4700QM, 32 GB ram, 3x128 SSD, 1 TB HDD) notebook. It came with preinstalled Win 8. I tried so much and read from net about dual-booting linux-w8 systems but I could not succeed. As I understood windows installed on SSD with uefi.
I want to keep windows as original and also install Opensuse. I could not start installation in uefi mode. When installation starts it gets frozen. In legacy mode installation was successful. But system was unstable and I should change system between uefi and legacy each time when bootin one of systems Suse or Windows. Also I think this cause decrease performance of Win 8.
As I read on net I understood that installation must be such as W8 on SSD. So can anyone tell me every step of installation from partitioning (How can I create uefi partition? etc…) and why I can not start installation in uefi mode. I tried it with both enabling and disabling secure boot. But none worked.
Thanks in advance…

For openSUSE 12.3, You must install from the DVD and can’t use a Live install. You must select efi boot from the hybrid DVD in your PC UEFI setup (you don’t just. boot from the DVD). And where do you expect to install openSUSE? There must be room somewhere.

I decided to reinstall Windows on my Laptop and called up Dell and asked for a Windows reinstall disk, which they sent. I then installed both Windows and openSUSE 12.3 in dual boot and using an MBR boot disk, not efi. It is some trouble, but it gave me a solid dual boot Laptop setup

Here is my disk partitions; F is usb disk. I do not want to install systems on mbr. I need help about partitioning of SSD and starting installation on uefi mode.