Installation of openSuSE 11.0 x86-64 on ASUS A8N32-SLI

Installation of openSuSE 11.0 x86-64 on ASUS A8N32-SLI (Nforce4 family chipset) + AMD Athlon64 X2 Socket 939.

It wont install from DVD.
It hangs or returns a strange error of a corrupted kernel image.

I tryed with 2 DVD from 2 different download and both with MD5 OK.

Any help?

Sometimes, such errors can be caused by bad burn of the DVD. You should burn from a reliable DVD burner, at the slowest speed possible, to the highest quality DVD media you can lay your hands on.

Also, it is worthwhile to conduct an md5sum check of the data on the burned DVD (and not just the iso file on your hard drive). Please read this method noted by ken_yap:
How to check md5sum on a burned DVD

In essence, that extracts the data off of the burned DVD to one’s hard drive, creating an iso file from the DVD’s data (called image11.iso). Then run the md5sum check of that image11.iso file, and it should match the md5sum on the Novell web site. If it does not match, then your DVD burn was not good.

You need a running linux system (with about 4.5 Gbytes free on one’s hard drive) to do that check. I’ve done this check, and it works well.

fwiw . . . for an unknown reason, I had to burn the 11.0 DVD 4 times before it worked right. And (egads!) the 4th time was from Windows on a diff machine. Each of the first 3 burns (using k3b) gave me diff problems, the 1st with the kernel loading, the 2nd with the new images loading, the 3rd with yast failing to install rpm’s. Seems like random bad tracks on each burn. Again, no idea why (yet).

Also, did you try installing with turning off ACPI?