Installation of Nvidia accelerated keras (Solution)

This post is to share a solution assembled from other topics on this forum. This is a working install procedure to get keras/tensorflow runnning with Nvidia RTX 3070 acceleration running under Tumbleweed as of June 2023.

  1. Add Nvidia repository
    sudo zypper ar nvidia
  2. Install packages
    sudo zypper in libnvidia-egl-wayland1 nvidia-compute-G06 nvidia-compute-G06-32bit nvidia-compute-utils-G06 nvidia-driver-G06-kmp-default nvidia-gl-G06 nvidia-gl-G06-32bit nvidia-texture-tools nvidia-utils-G06 nvidia-video-G06 nvidia-video-G06-32bit
  3. Make sure open source driver is removed.
    sudo zypper rm nvidia-open-driver-G06-signed-kmp-default.
    3a. Install nvtop, reboot and check for presence of GPU.
  4. Register for the Nvidia development program at
  5. Download the cuDNN package
    If the link is not working, search for cuDNN on the web site and download the generic x86_64 archive.
  6. Install in /usr/local.
    cd /usr/local ; sudo tar tJf ~/Downloads/cudnn-linux-x86_64-
    (the install does not have any file conflicts. Therefore the extraction can be made in place. If you want to be careful, first extract elsewhere, then move)
  7. Install keras using pip.
    pip install keras

Thanks for the help in this forum.

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