Installation of Leap denied on Virtual Box = 64bit software prohibited on 32bit system

It is not possible to create a virtual machine openSUSE-42.1-DVD-Leap-x86_64.iso with Oracle VM Virtual Box installed on Windows 7 Sp1 32-bit because
Virtual Box indicates that it is not possible to install a 64-bit version on a 32-bit system. (Which seems quite normal)

Is there an ISO 32bit? The file name openSUSE-42.1-DVD-Leap-x86_64.iso suggests that this is the same ISO for both 32 and 64 bit ?? And no indication in the download page.
Thank you very much to show me the way to work around this problem.

LEAP is released only in 64-bit.

Is your machine truly 32-bit? All hardware since approx 2009 has full 64-bit capability regardless of installed OS.
Even if the hardware is a few years older… maybe to 2003, there might be varying 64-bit capability.
You want to inspect your BIOS to see if any CPU virtualization extensions can be enabled (it’s always disabled by default even if available). If you can enable virt extensions, do so and boot, then try again.


Thank you very much for your response. After checking, it seems that my computer does not unfortunately have the opportunity to manage the 64bit so this machine will no longer run on openSUSE.
In my spirit all x86 were 32-bit. Thank you very much one more time