installation of DS Visualizer in open suse 11.0

I am a novice Linux user.
Please guide me how to install DS visualizer in open suse 11.0.
I have downloaded the file for Linux and unzipped it. There is now a file with .bin extension.
Pls provide the commands for the same.
Thanks a lot…

Is there nothing more then the file with the name ending in* .bin*? You could have given us the full name (why hiding it), the name could tell us a bit more. No file README or something like that? When this is all, it looks like this is your application. But it is still possible that it is an installation program. Is there no documentation whatsoever on the place (a website) where you found this?

To be sure and to give us some real information do an

ls -l

wthin the directory where you have it unpacked.