Installation of ATOM on OpenSuse 42.3 / OpenSuse 15

hello dear opensuse-experts,

after musing about the best Editor to get started i have found out that Sublime & ATOM are quite very well. I think ATOM has a many many extensions and a quite very well GIT-support.

Now i am tryin to install Atom on OpenSuse (with the zypp-method)

i am going to to install Atom Editor on my openSUSE that use the Zypp package manager,
add i want to use the Atom official package repository to my system by running the following commands:

sudo sh -c 'echo -e "[Atom]
name=Atom Editor
gpgkey=" > /etc/zypp/repos.d/atom.repo'
sudo zypper --gpg-auto-import-keys refresh

i will try to install Atom using the great zypper-way

# Install Atom
sudo zypper install atom
# Install Atom Beta
sudo zypper install atom-beta

Now - i will show some additional methods: Alternatively, - well i think that i can download the Atom .rpm package and install it directly:

sudo zypper in -y atom.x86_64.rpm


btw: besides this method we also have the option to run it in a Portable Mode on USB-device**

This is just great: Atom stores all the configuration and state in a so called .atom directory usually located in my home directory .

Well - with that - i can however run Atom in portable mode where both the app and the configuration are stored quite close together such as on a removable storage device. This is just a great option, isn ´t it!?

Some remarks regarding the setup: To setup Atom in portable mode. we are able to download the zip/tar.gz package for our system and extract it to your removable storage.

After this is done - we then create a .atom directory alongside the directory that contains the Atom binary, for example:


Some additional remarks - to the **Portable version: **

We have to take care for the settings - in order to make it running well:
Some of the settings are written down beliow:
The .atom directory must be writeable - if not - it is not working correcty
But sure thing: we can move an existing .atom directory to our portable device; This is working also very nice
Portable mode installations will not automatically update - sure thing.


Well done, Thanks!

Thx for your efforts, although since this is not a request for help it’s better posted to a Forum like the following

For those who know a bit about Atom,
It’s one of the most popular open source text/html editors, and is often the choice for embedding within other applications.
From what I remember long ago as a relatively simple, un-themed and plain appearance, it’s now highly customizable to incorporate numerous development functionalities.

The first section of your posted code is unnecessary in openSUSE but a common requirement on other distros… creating a package definition file.
With openSUSE, you only need to install the package, and you don’t even have to download it first unless you want a local copy of the original RPM. All you need to do is execute your zypper install command and use a path, even a network path to the RPM. The package definition file is created automatically when you install.
Additionally, when you don’t need to create your package definition file beforehand (with a GPG key), the GPG key doesn’t need to be installed before downloading your RPM. You duplicated your GPG efforts by specifying the key using the auto-import key option during installation which is for unattended installs.

To wrap everything up,
Unlike other repos, you can install your x64 Atom editor with the following command only if you don’t mind an interactive session (of course as already described you can also add the option to make your install unattended)

zypper in


As sometimes happens,
After a few minutes, I realized what I wrote in my previous post is slightly inaccurate.
What I called a “package definition file” is actually a repo definition file.

So, that first section of code could have been executed on openSUSE with a much simpler command as follows

zypper ar -f Atom_Editor && zypper --gpg-auto-import-keys ref

By installing a repo and then installing your choice of Atom editor from the repo, of course this has the advantage of automatically updating your Atom editor with a common “zypper up” whereas installing the RPM directly in my previous post won’t auto update.


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