Installation; Newbie Help Please

I’ve installed OpenSUSE on a computer before and really didn’t have an issue.

I’m trying my second install and I can get it all installed and the automatic configuration completes and if goes through the first boot and all I get is the command line asking to login.

I log in with the UN and PW I created at the beginning of the install and I can’t get to the GUI, it just sits there in the command line. What do I do to get to the GUI (KDE)?


Once you log in, then type


And this should start the GUI.

But more importantly, why is your GUI not loading?

So we’ll have to ask some questions.

What graphics card is the computer using? Did you install the drivers for it?

Good Luck,


This computer is very old. PII, 800 mhz, 256mb Ram

It has a ASUS CUV4X so whatever the onboard graphics of that thing is.

I tried the “startx” command. I got:
“Fatal Server Error: Add Screen/ScreenInit failed for driver 0”

I’m not entirely sure if OpenSUSE is meant to run on this old of a PC, so if another hard drive instalable distro of linux is better suited let me know.



256 MB of memory isn’t that much. Although I’ve had it done before on a ps3. If you run xfce as your desktop environment you should be fine. Anyways to find out your graphics card type this:

hwinfo --short

It will be under graphics card.

Good Luck,