Installation MMEX

I am a new user of opensuse tumbleweed 20181009. I dedicated a partition to opensuse driven by the curiosity to know this distribution that I have always neglected. I use linux since the days of Redhat 2.0 but I’m a fan who has little knowledge of programming and compiling programs.
I have been using MMEX accounting software for a long time and would like to use it on opensuse too.
Unfortunately, the list of software is not available, but on the site of Moneymanagerex exists the version for opensuse, but because of my lack of knowledge, I can not install it.
Is someone able to help me?

Go to this website:

and pick the 1-click install

The version to which you refer is an old version 0.9 while currently version 1.4 is available, in any case even the 0.9 in the installation signals a whole series of unresolved dependencies. The version to which I refer is reported on the site of Moneymanagerex and is the 1.4 for opensuse. I downloaded it and the installation tells me the lack of a whole series of dependencies. I have also downloaded all the missing libraries but one in one of them tells me that it was compiled with a different version of the compiler (at least so I seemed to understand) so the installation is not successful. At this point I am no longer able to contin

Is this thread any use:

Looks like it will never be available as wxWidgets WebView is no more, that would be why 42.2 and 42.3 are still available. Perhaps the docker version?

Else see if an upstream bug report re webview and an alternative method can be used…

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