Installation MMEX

I just installed opensuse 42.3 kde on my laptop. I wanted to install accounting software that I have been using for many years on Moneymanagerex platforms but I can not because it continues to point out the lack of a library or dependency. I state that I hang out for years in the Linux environment but I am absolutely an amateur and I have great difficulty with English. The software I want to use runs safely on ubuntu or mint and according to the download page, also has the version for opensuse (]( .x86_64.rpm)).
Now I hope someone wants to help me solve my problem by visiting the page I provided the link above and checking what I can do to find a solution.
Thanks in advance.

Which library is missing? Note also that the URL you showed does not work and in addition seems to be for 42.2 not TW which is a different OS for all practicably circumstances
Now the link should work. It is true that the program refers to 42.2 but previously I had tried it and it did not work.
Doing the installation requires me libwx_baseu-suse1-3.0.2-11.1.1x86_64.rpm. I found it and installed it but then it requires another that I can not find.
I’m absolutely not expert, so I do not know how to continue.

Again name the missing library someone may know where to find it. We can neither see over your shoulder or read your mind.

you do realize that that is a package for LEAP 42.2 and it will not work under TW as libwx_baseu-suse1 is not available for TW it’s been depreciated and replaced with libwx_baseu-suse3
don’t install libraries manually that you found off the net you probobly installed LEAP packages under TW and that will cause instability
imo you have a few options
#1 ask for an updated TW build (they do have a contact email ask them for an updated build)
#2 install LEAP as 42.2 is dying soon try 42.3 as there is not much difference between them (and libwx_baseu-suse1 is available for 42.3) that package might work
#3 as the source is available build it your self
I think #1 is your best bet as it won’t require an OS install #3 is a second choice what ever you chose you won’t get that LEAP package working under TW as there has been a lot of change in TW recently