Installation media not found


I installed openSuse from a USB stick, and every time I open Yast2 I get an error saying ‘cannot access installation media’. I checked under Configuration>Repositories and one of them by the name openSuse-20170712-0 has the same URL ‘hd:///?device=/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-20001020000060804-part2’ as in the error message. Can someone please suggest me how to correct this error. Here is a screenshot of the error.>>


Remove the install media as a active repo it is no longer needed

Or disable it. You then can still see what it was. But I admit I never used it again, thus removing is also OK.

OK i will delete it. Thanks a lot for the help. But i will still get updates right? I hope I don’t have to change the repository URL to something on the internet or something? Sorry for the stupid question, but i have no clue about these things.

Thanks again.


Look in your repo list (e.g. with YaST > Software > Software Repositories.

There are two repos for the standard software thyat come with the distribution: Oss and non-OSS. Additional software that was not installed by default is often there for you.

Updates is not really how Tumbleweed works. Tumble weed is normally published each ttime as a complete new distribution, which you get using

zypper dup

BTW, earlier it was

zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change

but that is the default now on TW,