Installation media check

How does the media check work that is on Suse installation DVDs?

A) Does it just scan for bad sectors?


B) Does it actually verify that the data contents are correct?

Makes a sort of checksum, so it checks the contents.

that question i can’t answer…but, if it says it is bad, chuck it…

did you check the iso’s md5sum prior to burning the disk?


IMHO it does the same md5sum. Or am I wrong here?

I had some problems last Friday. Posted a question, one of the Moderators was very specific about “Media” problems. Which I’m sure are the result of experiance in trying to assist us new folks.
I got a MD5 generator that works in Windows- ran it against my download file and the checksum matched. So I burned a new DVD at the lowest possible for my dvd. Took it to a friends computer - booted it from it and ran the “Media Check” - it passed (took about 10 minutes). Back to my machine - booted to it and ran Media Check - it failed. Sigh. I don’t know the technical details - but given how sensitive Linux can be to hardware - I’m assuming that my media is correct and that the install process (which does not fail) is good. THere were some problems with the Repositories over the weekend - they were not caused by my installation media.

There was an announcement about the possible outage over the weekend.

CD/DVD drives are fickle and prone to failure. You could try this method of checking the disc’s

Md5sum of Burned CDs

Well… there is a mixed indication here.

When doing a media check recently, the check failed and produced the following two errors:

  1. “error reading sector 512”

  2. “file:/var/adm/mount/boot/i386/ common: SHA1 sum wrong”

The first error indicates a sector check while the second indicates a contents check. But why would it check sectors AND content? A correct content checksum alone would guarantee good sectors, thus making an additional sector check redundant. Ergo, maybe this output is misunderstood. So, what is it doing? A sector check, a content check, or strangly… both?

Naturally, if the check is bad, toss it.

However, in cases where the ISO is no longer available it’s nice if you can use the disc’s media check to get a guarantee that the actual contents are correct (correct iso and correct burn)

apparently you think you are asking the folks who made the iso/disk…
that would be the packagers of openSUSE…

i quote forum moderator oldcpu from just moments ago “Please note this
is a support forum for openSUSE staffed almost entirely by volunteers
of all sorts. We, the users on this forum, do not package openSUSE.
Rather we provide support.” cite:

i believe your question will be easily answered once you find where
those packagers hang out (info i don’t have at my fingertips…maybe
someone else does…while waiting for that someone else, you might
find happiness at


I’ve seen this behaviour many times. In each and every case where I observed this behaviour, it was because of differences in the calibrations of the different DVD players wrt the DVD burner in which the DVD was burned ON. In some cases where the DVD player calibrations are so different, one’s choice is to either use a CD (where the calibraiton is hopefully closer) or change out the DVD player that is having the problem (reading the DVD without MD5sum errors) or burn the DVD from a burner that has a calibration closer to the DVD player that has the problem passing the MD5sum.