Installation LVM and what the..?

In the beginning there is the live CD 11.1 for 64bit.
I have a 1TB disk, but the auto partitioner for install gives the options of installing to entire disk with a boot swap and home partition. You also get the option of using LVM style partitioning.

yast is cool with the graphical representation of LVM resources and everything I’ve read gives me the idea that you can add space to logical volumes on the fly. My installation is complete, but the auto partitions are so:

boot = 700 something MB
swap = 2 GB
home = 15 GB

at install I thought this would be OK because I could add space later, but when i yast partition manager and click resize i get a slider that will not slide up any further.

these partitions are clogging up.

also when i tried to custom partition at installation configuration time yast said no to me because the volumes were in use.

I actually didn’t think they were in use because I was running the live CD and all processes were running from memory right?

Well i guess I need to know if I need to install again.
If I do how can i tell the installer to use the full TB?
Or, is there a way that I can add space to the existing logical volumes?

I ran into this exact situation yesterday and here is how I worked around it.

Logged in as root (because root’s home directory isn’t on /home)
Opened a terminal and unmounted /home ‘umount /home’
Started the partioner and created a partition of type 0x8E Linux LVM
Selected Volume Management -> /dev/system/home
Click Resize
You should be able to add the space to /home now. Basically it wouldn’t let you do it before because /home was still mounted.

Beautiful, I see that quite clearly now.
My next feat will be to boot the live CD and umount / and extend it so that it will also be big enough.
It seems that the auto feature of the live install should do some more math when sizing these because after install and auto updating there is only less than 1/3 of the space free on root.
In my humble opinion this is not enough space.
I’ll post here with the rest of the story.

Booting from the live CD allowed me to resize root partition too.
All OK
Thanks for the good advice.