Installation lockup

Trying to install Suse 11.1 from the Linux format magazines March issue DVD, in Virtualbox 2.2.4, running in Ubuntu 9.04. Have made six unsuccessful attempts, install is fine, all just box ticking untill a login screen appears, tells me I have incorrectly logged in. Could have forgotten a password once, not six times. Have to abort installation.
Any thoughts please, apart from the duff disc one.

So the install completes up to the reboot point and at the login screen your password fails?
Did you choose to use the same password for user and root or not?

is that login screen black, with white fonts??
or is it a green GUI screen?

you say it causes you to have to abort the install?? just when does
this log in screen pop up? in relation to, the example install at (which will be a little different
from yours because the guide pointed to is a DVD install, and the
mag’s install is a Live CD install (despite the fact that it is on
part of a DVD)…

does the screen which stops you come AFTER ??

if so, then the install is complete and all need to do is make sure
you type exactly the same Username (NOT the User’s full name on line
one) and Password you used on this step:

and, unlike Windows, case counts!! that is Treehouse and TREEHOUSE are
NOT the same…

and, if your caps LOCK key was accidentally engaged when you typed
your password (twice!) as (say) mYpASSwORDiSa_lONGsECRET when you
THOUGHT you were typing MyPassWordIsA_LongSecret (but you couldn’t see
what you typed) and you can’t make it work now, come back to THIS
thread and ask how to change your password even if you don’t KNOW your

HOWEVER, if it is white letter on black background, you have a
different problem…


Using the same user name and password for root. I am keying in exactly the same user name and password in the correct (lower) case, that I gave at the configuration stage. As I said, six attempts, every time, same problem. The GUI is green screen, it also has a “live CD” icon, if activated it takes me back to the original live window, the only alternative to aborting (shutting down VBox. The DVD does indeed describe itself as a live cd, the install begins there. I suspect the install may be buggy, the very reason I gave up trying previous SUSE versions.

Are you sure you are not leaving the cd active in the settings of Virtual Box. That happens with SUSE. Some distro wait to eject the cd but SUSE doesn’t. Just power off the VM and go to the SUSE machine settings and disable the cd in settings. Or even better switch it to the Mount .iso and sellect VBoxAdditions.
Power On again