Installation issues

Hi everyone,im experiencing some difficulties when trying to install Opensuse 11.1.
Here’s the problem:
I dowloaded the iso file for the 64 bit pc.
I mounted the image using Daemon Tools and my system prompted my to restart my computer.So now im stuck because I dont know where the source file is located on my computer and I cant burn the Iso file to a dvd because I dont have acces to the file anymore.This is because I cant boot in eiter operating systems now.
Any help would be appreciated


You need to set the CD/DVD as 1st boot device in your BIOS. And boot from the DVD.
READ: NEW Users - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

Thats the problem,I dont have a DVD ,
I virtually mounted the iso file

hmmmm…where did you get the idea to mount it?

on (where you can download the
community’s iso image) there is a five step checklist, seems you got
through four and stopped reading/following:

1 - 3 <snipped>
4. Start Download Here
5. How to Proceed

  1. After having successfully downloaded the ISO image(s), burn the
    image(s) with your favorite burning application to a DVD or CD. Please
    do not burn a data DVD/CD, but rather choose the option to burn an ISO
    image. More information
  2. Boot from the DVD or CD. In case your computer does not
    automatically boot from CD/DVD, open the BIOS setup to allow booting
    from CD or DVD. <MORE snip>
    ----------end quote----------------

i suggest you begin again, after reading the link caf4926 gave you…

sorry, i have NO idea how to recover from what you did, other than
burn a CD/DVD and boot from it and see what happens…

do you have a backup of the system you began with? i can’t tell you
how to protect the personal data you might have on that system
now…but, maybe others can…hmmmmm…maybe …hmmmm, i do not


What is this a eeepc or something?

Does it have USB booting?

I dont know what you mean to be honest

What I mean is. The computer, what is it? What was on it originally and how do you think it got there?

Acer travelmate 7730g
Windows Vista® Business , Intel® Core™2 Duo processor P8700 (2.5GHz/FSB: 1066 MHz/3MB L2 cache/25W),

Then you need to a USB device to install.
Some info here:
SuSE install from USB drive - openSUSE

I dont have acces to root xterm or terminal.
Because I cant get into Linux.
Only the Opensuse local installer.


anyone ??:slight_smile:

Please describe what happens exactly when you boot.

First there’s the start up screen from Acer,then it switches to a menu where I can choose from either vista or Opensuse 11
1 installer (local).Either way it switches to the local installer.So there i’m stuck

And if you select the OS installer, does it not do anything?

When I get to the menu where I have to choose between vista and the opensuse installer,it automatically starts the opensuse installer.No matter what

But can U run the installer?

Yes I can but I dont know where the iso file is located on my hard disk en I dont have an installation dvd.

But didn’t you download it and even mount it in DaemonTools? You must know where it is.
I have never actually run the installer that way, so I can’t really advise much:

You need a USB pen drive with a Live distro on it.

How do I obtain this ?

You need a USB pen drive of at least 1GB for a standard Live CD but even if you have a smaller one eg; 512MB, there are some smaller distributions you could use. You need access to another PC

Use this program to make a Bootable USB pen drive:
UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads
There is good instructions here too.

Then you need to make sure that you enable USB booting in your Acer BIOS.

Boot the Acer with the Pen Drive in.