Installation issues resulting in bad input signal

I am attempting to install OpenSUSE 13.1, however, after accepting “Installation” at the initial prompt I receive warnings from the monitor specifying that the signal is out of range or bad. Before this monitor prompt is displayed, I do notice that the install begins and does show the loading text and gets to “Starting udev…” before the issue being discussed. It does seem to be a complication with the initial settings so I have tried various steps to solve the problem.

  • Set “nomodeset” and tried “F3 Video Mode” with the “No KMS” setting
  • Tried “F3 Video Mode” with the “Text Mode” setting and attempted running at run level 3
  • Tried “F3 Video Mode” with various resolution settings
  • Tried “F5 Kernel” with “Safe Settings” and just to try it, all other settings
  • Attempted various other boot options, including trying to set the vga resolution manually

I have attempted each of the above (and possibly more) in various combinations on various monitors with no luck. This was all performed using the DVD iso and the Live iso. I have performed a media check, but it had to be completed on a different computer as it also resulted in a bad input signal.

Thanks for any ideas.

sounds like video card issue, bad driver maybe?

Did you try a test install?

Also what vidio card and what monitor?

Hello, the same problem with the same symptoms here :\

I would like to install “Text mode” only, but the same problem.

On my machine is Graphical KDE installation working, but when I want install TxT mode only, no screen comes out.
After installation, on the first reboot, comes this bahavior, as on your Pc.

Same question what video card what monitor.

LCD: Philips 170B5CS/00

GPU: ATI Rage* XL Video Controller with 8 MB of SDRAM (integrated on Intel Server Board S845WD1-E)

“nomodeset” has no effect with the ATI rage driver as this does not support/use KMS anyway.

Maybe try to specify a specific text mode resolution via the vga= boot option.
F.e. “vga=791” for 1024c768 in 16bit.
See here for a list of possible values: