installation is not readable

Wanted to do a new installation of tumbleweed on my workstation.
Downloaded iso on my other(Fedora) workstation, full iso and also the netinstall iso.
First flashed the full iso to usb stick and booted, when the installation became visible it was in an unreadable screen resolution.
Same result with the netinstall iso.
As a media writer I have tried both fedora mediawriter and balena etcher.
For now I have gecko linux running now but would still prefer a real tumbleweed installation.
Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Did you have a look at the documentation?


Sorry to ask, but how do you set this?

In the same document it is described how to add boot parameters.
For UEFI boot:

For traditional BIOS boot:

thank you for guiding me hui we can marke this as solved :wink: