Installation/Grub Question.

Hi all, I looked through the forum but couldn’t find the answer.

im a long time linux user and trying out new distros.

does the installer for suse allow you to choose the location where Grub is installed? i.e. /dev/sda1? /dev/sdb1? etc…

ty in advance,


Yes. GoTo Yast → System → Bootloader → click the tab called Boot Loader Installation → Boot Loader Location

Do you always get access to YaST in the installer? I don’t remember it in the DVD. You definitely do get the choice though - the trick is when it comes to the summary page it will have a section marked Boot or Bootloader or similar. Select that and you’re away.

On an install I did recently for a friend with 2 x sata HD’s we had to find the correct connection order for the HD’s to the Mobo. I can’t remember the detail now, but as I recall it wasn’t sufficient to just change the boot order of the HD’s in BIOS but I had to bring the HD I wanted grub on to the first connection on the Mobo.
Simple enough to figure out really. But I got to the end of the install setup and grub wouldn’t offer the HD. (Scratch head for mo…:slight_smile:
Ahha - :idea:
Bit of a pain. Shutdown, move the sata cable. Setup again, then I realize I need to go to BIOS again because the drives are set in wrong priority there now. Set that, redo the install setup. Hey presto.

Is your questions refers to when you are installing opensuse from the dvd/cd installer? Yes you can if you select the expert option, and you can customize your installation.