Installation from a live USB

I’ve read the installation page: It seems you can only install from a live DVD/CD.

Currently I have no CD/DVD at hand. So I’ve created a live usb, and booted to the live usb. I’m trying to install openSUSE to another usb connected disk. When I tried to format a partition and select it to mount as “/”, it says “the mounted point is already in use”.

So I guess we are not allowed to install from a live USB right? Or it is that you can’t install from a live USB to another USB connected device?


Well. I just find that if I boot into the live opensuse rather than using the welcome installation menu, I can install just all right.

I would guess that most people first boot into the live system, and then install from there. However, you should be able to install from the welcome screen install menu item. I have done that in the past, though not for 12.3. Perhaps you have run into a bug in the way that the iso was prepared.