Installation freezes while loading USB something or other


I’m a linux newbie, currently running Ubuntu 8.04 but various bits aren’t working as they should (display card, sound in flash animation etc.) so I want to try another distro, and I’m hoping openSUSE was going to solve my problems. I have a fairly old computer, about 5/6 years old.

I recently got my copy of openSUSE 11 from ‘linux magazine’ on the cover disc, but the installation freezes on the splash screen with ‘openSUSE’ and the little progress bar beneath it. I press ESC, the green splash screen goes and the text underneath says it’s trying to load/check/whatever the usb adapters. I have usb 1.1, and nothing USB related plugged into my pc.

i’ve just used Sysinfo ( Sysinfo) and I see 3 ‘USB 1.1’ ports and 1 ‘USB 2’ ports (who knew !)

Please help.


It is difficult to see from here what exactly is on the black/white screen. And it is difficult for you to write that down (no copy and paste available) :wink: . So this is a try …

When it says above the place where it hangs something like: when it hangs use broken-modules, then look at the list of drivers just before it starts the USB thing. Note the name of the first one in that list. Note also the correct way to spell broken-modules (or broken_modules, I forgot).

Start again and at the boot screen fill in in the box where text goes the broken-modules=xyz . Continue install boot and see if it helps.

Try typing the following in the box below on the menu screen

pci=nomsi acpi=off noapm nolapic

Is the disk you got from the magazine a “live-CD” or just for installation? If not a live-CD, is it possible for you to download/burn one? If it is a live-CD and it is not booting, do you have/can you get another that does boot (like Knoppix)?

Once you can boot, we can look at the hardware and possibly determine if there is a kernel module needed to be loaded, a kernel parameter needed at boot, etc.

Is the ‘=xyz’ exactly what I must type? I’m about to reboot to install from the disc again, and give what you said a go. If a ‘live-CD’ means you boot into whatever OS first before you run the disk, then I dont think it does that.

Thanks for the help, I’m about to try you advice. :slight_smile:


haha, sorry for my stupidity above, once on the boot screen I could read ‘type brokenmodules=driver_name’.

besides that, no luck, I thought for a minute I was making progress, but eventually after a few reboots…


only one I didn’t exclude was sis5513, which was listed after pata_sis, but it initially froze on pata_sis, and didn’t list sis5513, but after it listed that one, it always only showed one more driver after it, until it was the only one left.

it was still freezing on

‘Activating usb devices…’[flashing prompt]

and the same for

pci=nomsci [snip]…

which I tryed first.

Thanks for you help. Any other advice?