installation freezes on initial boot setup


I’m using and ibm r31 with the 1.13ghz processor and 1016mb of ram.

The problem i’m having when trying to do a clean install of Opensuse 11.1 is that when doing the configuration it says it is going to probe my graphics card. after that the screen flickers and all i see is a buch of horizontal lines. i leave it on for an extended period of time but to no avail.

After a restart when i try to boot in normal mode it freezes with the progress bar 3/4 of the way across.

i can boot into failsafe mode,

i’m installing with the downloaded dvd.

i’m sorry if this is a repeat of any previously asked question, i have been searching for five days to find a solution to my problem. Probably doesn’t help that i’m not ver proficient with linux by any means.

You could have told us what graphics was on your Laptop. Booting with failsafe is fine, it is probably just as simple as setting up X.
Failsafe is likely giving you vesa display. Which is basic, but at least you get to the desktop.

Once logged in use Yast - Hardware
Graphics Card and Monitor
to see if you can manage the settings.

Might be worth looking at the HCL to see if your Graphics is supported or if you will be stuck with vesa.

Hardware - openSUSE

Thanks for your response.

THe graphics card i’m using is Intel i830.
I can open Yast and manage the settings, but when i’m finished it says its going to probe the graphic card, and once again the system freezes.

As for the HCL I’m not sure what your refering to.
Sorry I’m a complete noob.

I have exactly the same problem on an HP Evo D510 with Intel 810L graphics chipset.
Have you had any luck resolving the issue (I’m also new to Linux)?

There are a few problems with the default settings on opensuse and the intel graphics driver. Install in either text or vesa mode, then use the ‘intel’ driver for xorg and disable compositing. Using desktop effects causes xorg to freeze. Should you need a specific xorg.conf file, I have one available for that configuration.