Installation Freeze

Hi guys!!

I’m very new to Linux and i have a problem installing opensuse 11.3.

The installationen freezes the moment when the Setup comes to Adjust the Timezone.
I have already tried all other Installoptions (Secure Kernel, without APCI/ACPI), no difference.

I tried the Install-DVD on another Computer (on which i dont want to use Linux) and it didnt crash at this Installationstep, so the dvd seems to be ok.

My System is a AMD Athlon XP 1700+, 256MB RAM, which should be ok for Minimum system requirements…

Hope somebobdy can help :)<

Best Regards

256MB of RAM is pretty slim. Try a text install.

thank you for your very fast answer!!

I know 256MB RAM is little and this should explain why the setup runs slow, but a crash?!
As I said im very new to Linux and i dont know how to do a text install.
I searched for it in the Wiki/Dokumentation and in the Forum ** Information for New Users ** but it isnt explained anywhere.
So How do i run a text installation? :confused:

Press F3 at the boot menu

ok i will try it

Edit: text install seems to work - didnt crash during timezone setup.
thanks a lot for your help