Installation fails while installing package


I’m installing openSUSE 11.2 on a notebook from DVD + locally mirrored update and kde4 buildservice repositories. This usually worked fine, but this time, the installation always fails at about 89% while installing some package, whose name I can’t find out. Its script fails with error 127, the error message blocks access to the log.

Is there a way to continue the installation process afterwards, instead of always trying to reinstall and hoping to find out the name of the failing package?
Other ideas also appreciated…

Thanks in advance,


i’ m sorry for my maybe inadequate solution but did you checked before the status of your DVD?you know there is a method for this after loading kernel.and also checking md5 could be a good idea,but the most impt is a pure and simple checking of your written DVD

Yes, the DVD is not corrupted. That’s not it, but please keep trying :slight_smile:

I know what package fails, it’s fetchmsttfonts (of all things!)
I deactivated it during my second attempt already but the installation process tried to install it anyway.
I’ll now stick to installing the system and forget about the updates for now. Thanks, this thread can be closed.