Installation failed

I have downloaded Suse 11.0 two times. I have burned DVD’s two times on different DVD’s. I took “Nero” with “windows” and “Linux” with “K3B”. I started the PC with the DVD. During the installation I always got an errormessage at the same time. The message means that I have an error on the DVD and it isn’t possible for the system to read a file. I think this fact makes it difficult to change from windows to Linux!

Is this a well-known problem? Can you please help me?

did you do an md5 checksum on the download ? did you burn at a slow speed ? possibly bad media ?


Thanks for your message. I read it. I will try the slow mode now but my hardware works fine.

AMD 3000
Asus A7V8X
Samsung HDD 160GB

Thank you very much for your help

PLEASE check the md5sum before you burn…if you don’t know how,
ask…and, then while booting with the disk, when the options
(including: Boot from hard drive, install, etc) comes up select the
media check option BEFORE beginning the install…

A Texan in Denmark

> PLEASE check the md5sum before you burn…if you don’t know how, ask…

Good advice. :cool:

This more or less explains what to do FWIW:

openSUSE 11.0 When k3b verify fails (a workaround HowTo) - openSUSE Forums

Both downloads on my PC have a md5 checksum error.
I have installed Suse 11.0 from another downloaded image to another PC last week without any problems and my “Knoppix” and my “Live CD Suse 11.0” work on my PC. These kind of mistakes happened for the first time, could be perhaps a problem with the new WLAN 300 or the browser.
Next time I will download the DVD for me again with a Download-Manager. Do you have any positve experience with the Download-Manager?
Thank you very much for your succesfull help and sorry for the trouble.

It’s impossible to say why the md5 problem. When you are downloading, the file is moving in packets. Things can happen on your system storing/saving the file, or anywhere going back to the server. If you download with bittorrent, you are receiving chunks from a lot of different computers; a transmission problem from any one of those theoretically could corrupt the file. If downloading from the openSUSE server or a mirror, my preference is to use a tool outside the browser (or if using Firefox, the DownThemAll add-on which is much faster and seems very reliable).

Then there is also the possibility that the burn will get corrupted, which is why the media should be re-checked before installation. Again, there are a number of possible reasons. This time with 11.0, I had to burn the DVD (same source file) 4 (!) times, I had bad tracks the first 3 times which I didn’t see until some mid-point through the installation. I need to learn to practice what I preach (that is, follow my own advice!).

Hello again,
I have tried a new download with “Suse Linux 10.3” and this download has no mistake and the DVD works. My last attempts with windowsXP had no success. The reason could be “kaspersky”.
Good luck for your next supports!