Installation error.

1st of all I want to apologize for the bad english …

I’ve installed openSuse near 5 times today. At least I’ve tried to. So when the installation completes the linux want a reboot. It reboots and starts again, but when should appear the login screen it doesn’t. On his place appears a black screen with a green line at the bottom and the mouse cursor shows that something is loading. I’m waiting, waiting and waiting and than appears the background console with many lines and load some commands. I don’t know how to express that … sorry about. I’ve tried with KDE and with Gnome but same sh*t :frowning: The install DVD is downloaded by site.

I’ll wait 15 days when 11.3 will be released and i’ll try again if no one can understand me or help me :slight_smile: Hope someone helps or 11.3 works on my system.

Thanks in advance.

11.3 may help but it sounds like you have a video problem. What video chip do you have?

It’s ATI Radeon HD3650 512 MB DDR …

I don’t think that it’s a video problem. Windows XP runs perfect. I do not install Linux distro on my system for a 1st time, but for a 1st time this problem appears :frowning: Previous installations were with nVidia 6200 128 MB and there was no such a problem like this one.


I have had problems in the past with ATI cards (especially with 11.2),
and I would guess this is where the problem is.

Firstly I would try entering 3 in the grub menu to boot into runlevel 3
(text mode). From there you could try ‘su -’ then ‘sax2 -r -m 0=vesa’
and ‘shutdown -r now’ to reboot.

If this works you could also try with radeon instead of vesa for higher


You may find reading some practical graphic theory for openSUSE Linux of help: openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums

if you decide to try openSUSE-11.3, then you may find this guide of use for openSUSE-11.3: SDB:Configuring graphics cards - openSUSE

You might want to read

openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums

Thanks, but this did not worked :frowning: I’ve tried with vesa, radeon and radeonhd … With radeon and radeonhd types isn’t worked. With ‘vesa’ works, but only at 800x600 resolution which i do not like - my monitor is '22 and supports 1680x1050. I added a ATI repositories from opensuse’s site via YaST and restarted the system but this isn’t work either.

I red part of it, but i can’t understand a lot of it … i dunno what to search.

Just adding the repository will not work you must install the ATI driver package from the repository.

If you don;t understand a point in the instructions please ask here and maybe we can clarify it.

I added the repository and then popped a question about the installation package … i think it installs itself ? If not - how do I install it ?


Ahhh… i forgot … when i last used 0=radeonhd the File Safe mode does not work any more … the starting wallpaper appears and that’s it - nothing else. So i think i have no access to anything now :frowning: I’m afraid I messed up everything …


I red part of it, but i can’t understand a lot of it … i dunno what to search.[/QUOTE]
What part don’t you understand ? Ask and we can try to explain.

I just fixed it … installed the ATI driver from ATI’s site and reboot. It works just fine for now :slight_smile: I’ll continue reading this info that u gave me and learn more and more :slight_smile: Thanks to all ! :slight_smile: