Installation error with SuSE 10.3 and 11

Do I need to load drivers for my hw raid configuration when installing SuSE 11 (as similar to XP)? I ask this because I am having the same problem with v10.3 and 11. My primary drive is a raid0 sata array with XP. A third sata drive is resident for backup, and a 4th sata for Linux. Created a small partition and installed the new opensolaris by SUN to play with, installed no problem. Opted not to dual boot (yet – waiting to let Suse do that), and boot Solaris by soft-switching hd’s at startup. Install Suse, but get an error after installation, during the Boot Configuration step, which returns “Partition not found”. Everything seems good in the configuration, try editing, but doesn’t seem to help.

Any suggestions?

If it’s a true hardware RAID, it will be invisible to the OS - it’ll just look like one disk. No drivers or anything should be needed, aside from what’s needed for the card itself.

Which partition isn’t found? Are you sure you have the right disks plugged in?

Also - FYI, OpenSolaris uses UFS partitions, which the default GRUB in Linux doesn’t support. To dual-boot, you’ll need to install the Solaris GRUB, which realistically means it’s a lot easier to install Linux first and then Solaris.