Installation DVD Stops With Black Screen

Trying to do a new installation of 13.2 on x86_64 bit machine. I can boot a Live DVD and install from there but as noted previously this gives me hard drives labeled as removable devices. I thought I would start over so I downloaded and burnt an installation DVD. Sadly this gives me a black screen. Are there any entries I should make at the start to get GUI to fire up?

Do you get as far as the initial boot menu on the installation DVD? If so, try to add:


to the boot code, see if that helps.

Hi and thanks for the reply. I have given up on this as I found a Live DVD version of 13.2 and that ran OK so I could install from there. Strange because I have never had this problem with previous versions, only with 13.2. I usually use the Network install and that failed too with 13.2. Perhaps machine is too old, or I am!!!
Thanks once more.