Installation/DVD error leap 42.3

Downloaded Leap 42.3, verified image file and burned it- burn went OK. Verifying burned image fails after a while. This has happened in the past but it had installed OK then so I tried installang anyway.

After selecting some preliminnary stuff (like time zone, keyboard etc), it failed with an error about adding some repository. So it didn’t even go to the partition page.

After a long hiatus, I thought I’d give linuix & opensuse a try again. I am frustrated & disappointed that things have gone from bad to worse & I may decide to stick with windows 10 & never bother with linux again. I used linux for many years until about 13.1 Suse. Stuck with Suse since 6.4.

Suse’s installation routine looks dated and hasn’t changed much since about 5.x. They dump the kitchen sink onto your hard drive and its made worse with this pattern nonsense- it selects boatloads of garbage that you have to go back and uninstall. WHY ? They need to pick a default desktop like fedora does and let community package other desktops. Fedora doesn’t even consider dekstops other than gnome as relevant- they call them “spins” ! Why does opensuse insiist on being a stupid pansy for gnome shills ? If they wanna go that route, fine- pick gnome & make a good distro based on that. Jack of all master of none makes Suse weak.

Test Netinstall image ?

As this does not contain a request for technical help, but only a rant, it will be moved to General Chitchat and is CLOSED for the moment.

Moved from Install/Boot/Login and open again.

Bye. Enjoy MS Windows.:kiss: