installation doubts

i have windows xp and ubuntu 7.10 installed in my system. now i wish to install open suse 11.0 as well. can i use the same swap space that is used by ubuntu? and while installing do i need to select the option ‘create partition setup’?

Hi & welcome!

Sharing swap should not be a problem as each system will use it and disguard and overwrite other information than it’s own in there…

The only consideration I can think of is that if you are hibernating (suspend to disk) the RAM will be written to swap. So if you hibernate using one system and then choose to boot into another Linux version the hybernation info will be corrupted.

If you normally suspend to disk it might be better to suspend to ram to avoid any possible issues.

As for the partition question, yes! Definitely go for the ’ create partition setup’. This gives you full control of what should be used, mounted and formated. Letting the installer choose for you might have the existing Ubuntu setup cleared out (as the install system might guess you want to upgrade it).


thanks for the tips. i hadn’t thought of the hibernation problem and whats more i always thought that hibernate is when all running processes are removed from ram to disk. so i have to figure out how to suspend to ram.

You can set this in the powermanagement tools found in your DE (GNOME, KDE, etc).
Suspend to ram (s2ram) is called Suspend, and suspend to disk (s2disk) is called Hibernation.

More info can be found here : Pm-utils - openSUSE