Installation CD for 11.3

Good day, This could be an oversight on my part, but when I go to download 11.3 I am presented with the installation medium for a DVD installation with a button that says download DVD. Should there be an option to download an ISO option for a CD installation on this page along with the DVD version? Some of our older machines can only read CD’s with a max size of 500+ megs. I am just curious…

500+ megs??? CD’s are 700 meg.

Under the DVD on the site you will see several Live XXXXXX CD’s that is what you want you can install from them.

Yes, thank you, CD’s are 700 meg.
…“Under the DVD site you will see several Live XXXXXX Cd’s”

That is my point, I have to go ‘searching’ for them.

no just click on them they drop down and look like the DVD selection link. No searching they are right there. Simply read the screen.