Installation: Can't start disk modul

Hello, I have used SuSE in the past and now I’m thinking about coming back. Anyway - after I downloaded the iso and burnd it to a stick, everything looked fine. I could choose my country, my repos, KDE … and then an error pops up telling me, Yast can not start the disk modul. I tried Leap and Tumbleweed and it’s always the same Problem. I’m using more than one disk - one with Win 11, one with Mint and one for experimental stuff like SuSE. What should I do? Help! :innocent:

That looks like a problem with the installer, right?

It looks like Yast is not happy with the disk config it detected but I think it reports something more. Can you maybe share a photo?

Do you see the Generic Crash Handler coming up?

As you have also Mint running can you share the output of “lsblk -a -p -o NAME,FSTYPE,MODEL” when running Mint.

Okay, thank you. I will try it tomorrow!