Installation almost finished,but nothing displayed on screen

open suse11 on p3 box. installation goes to the near end, and flashes the part about don’t panic, trying to probe your video card. after that, the monitor goes into power save mode, and that’s it. I can’t ssh to the box either to change settings. i’ve even tried to go into the failsafe mode and it does the same thing. i’m a newb to Opensuse, but like it a lot so far. i am installing it on this machine to run as a test box, as i might deploy it on all my stations later down the road.

thanks in advance.

If you start boot
do you get the grub boot screen?

If so, can you type the number 3
this will boot you to level 3

login as root, that is
the nyour root password

then type:
sax2 -r -m 0=vesa


this should give a basic graphics driver

it returns to the automatic configuration portion of the install, then goes away.

Are you using the full install dvd or doing it from the live cd?

Yes, it’s the full install DVD. I also noticed that when it happens, the caps lock and num lock buttons dont work either… almost like it halts.

Try make an installation in safe mode or text mode or something