Installatie ubuntu 10.04 op de imac g4.

Ik wilde ubuntu 10.04 installeren op mijn oude imac g4.

Maar als ik boot krijg ik een geel scherm.
wat moet ik doen?

openSUSE 11.4 installeren.

I think it’s an old PowerPC based machine, so it’s no longer supported in openSUSE.

OP, you really should ask in an Ubuntu forum, this is an openSUSE forum. I remember getting it to work with some tricks to do with reserving a boot partition (the PPC bootloader is not GRUB based) but I nowhere near the PPC machine now. As I said, ask in the Ubuntu forums or search their wiki.

Probeer deze cd eens?

Kan volgens mij niet. Is niet geschikt voor een PPC…

Deze heb ik al geprobeerd.
Maar dan krijg ik zn geel scherm of orangje:’(

Your answer is appreciated as allways, but you may have missed the fact that this is the Dutch forums of the openSUSE forums. That means that the language is dutch here, for the benefit of those who prefer to communicate in dutch for whatever reason.

I have no doubt that when Dutch speaking people are able and willing to ask in the English part they will do that. When they do it here it is because they are not able and/or not willing to do that in Dutch, thus imho trying to answer in English is not very usefull for them.

Well I figured that an answer in English was better than no correct answer at all. However if you prefer I’m happy to stay out of the way, it’s no skin off my nose. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I normally would not pay any attention to Dutch posts at all, but I happen to know that the G4 is a special case. The only distros that I know support it now are Debian, Ubuntu and Yellowdog. I suppose you could also roll your own with Gentoo. Fedora support ended with F12 and openSUSE support back in 10.3 or 11.0 or 11.1 I forget. Unfortunately if the power supply blows, it’s not worth the trouble replacing, too expensive.

Also I found it weird that the OP asked a pure Ubuntu question here. Not common sense.

It is appreciated, do not take me wrong. But having a Dutch Forums does not only try to help non-english dutch speaking people, but it also tries to get them together (something that allready led to a nice openSUSE 11.4 release party). That means also that we know each other a little bit and that my advice to install openSUSE on his question about Ubuntu was allready hinting in the same direction as your answer (jesse2314, you are at the wrong place). And of course also teasing him :slight_smile:

BTW if you can understand the Dutch question, try to answer in Dutch :wink: We will aprreciate that also.

Well unfortunately my Dutch is rusty and I’m not planning any trips to Dutch speaking countries in the near future so there’s no payoff for doing homework at the moment. :frowning:

@Jesse: ik denk ook, dat je daarvoor beter af bent in de Ubuntu forums. De PPC ondersteuning in openSUSE is al enige tijd geleden gestopt, wegens gebrek aan belangstelling en daartegenover de grote inspanningen die gedaan moeten worden om het te onderhouden.

Google translate will do the rest… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s cheating and still too much work. :stuck_out_tongue: Also have you seen some of the howlers that automatic translators generate? I’d rather make my own jokes. lol!

Google translate is hilarious for Dutch grammar… Try and translate (Dutch News Site) and it really make for funny reading… I think this warrants a thread in the general chit-chat corner of the English forums :slight_smile:

I can still remember this funny response back from the days of Usenet:

>So far I can say “Dank U,” “Een bier, alstublieft,” “Ik heb
>mijn broodje verloren,” “Waarom lacht U?” and “Mijn hoofd doet pijn.”
>Do you think that will be enough for casual conversation?)

You may well get to use no. 4 (“Waarom lacht U?”) if you should use no.
3. If you practice saying no. 2 too often you’ll get to say no. 5 the
next morning. You might try asking for a “biertje”. Have fun.