I am currently running a dual boot system with Win XP and Ubuntu. Would like to also install Suse 11.2 which I have on a DVD. However when I try to boot from CD nothing happens. How can I load Suse on this computer ? I have plenty of disk space on my hard drive. Please help.
I’m new to Linux but am really excited by what I’ve seen so far.


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You need to provide some more information, you said you have DVD and boot from Cd. I assume that you have DVD.

  • Can it go to boot options?
  • Did you check the media?
  • Did you check the MD5 sum of the downloaded iso.

You can use verify data after burning in the software which you are using for writing.
Finally not necessary now, but would be helpful later which graphic card do you have?

The DVD came with a magazine and when I examined it on my laptop it was fine. Just trying to figure out how to load it onto my desktop. It’s an old Gateway with 130Gb hard drive and 512Mb of ram.

Is it not a doubled sided DVD (like te one shipped with the CT’ magazine) which has the 32 bit version on one side and the 64 bit version on the other side? If you’re trying to boot the 64 bit version on an i586 architecture, it won’t probably do anything.

No, I’m fairly certain it’s a 32 bit and Mandriva is on the other side, so no there is only one version.