install X- how I do?


I have a opensuse 10.3 server running, and now needs install a X & gnmoe or kde

any help?

it is possible via yast?

Depends on , what do you have on you’re media or
internet ?
When you are installing GNOME or KDE , monitor and graphic card become important, are they supported by opensuse.
Can it be done with yast YES
Start yast>software>fiter=pattern>KDE or GNOME
KDE or GNOME left under

Thanks, i did a install, but now i have message thats said

pre:/etc/X11 # gnome
xdpyinfo: unable to open display “”.
/usr/bin/gnome: line 22: ( * 10) / : syntax error: operand expected (error token is "* 10) / ")

(gnome-session:27748): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

A assume that there is problem with you’re monitor
or Graphic card
Start yast>hardware>graphic card and monitor.
It will probe you’re graphic card and monitor again
If the settings are correct save it and try to restart GNOME

If you have NOT already installed Gnome or KDE, use YaST from the console as root, type “/sbin/yast” and you should get a DOS-like screen you can navigate around to install either Gnome or KDE. I would recommend you avoid KDE4 in favour of KDE3 or Gnome.

Once you’ve installed Gnome or KDE correctly via YaST, then, as root, type “init 5” at the console. That should take you to a nice graphical login screen.